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Protecting our Diverse Planet

Through steady action, we will ensure a bright future for our beautiful planet.

What we together are doing about it

Our world is in crisis, its time change and fast. Our first step to doing this is becoming very proud members of 1% for the planet, We will be donating 1% of our total revenue every year, even if we don’t make a profit to these chosen non profits, here’s who you’re supporting when buying from us!

Project Waterfall

785 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. The majority live in isolated, rural areas – the same areas growing our coffee. It’s wrong that while we enjoy the purest filtered water in our coffee, the communities at the end of its supply chain face a water crisis. Since 2011, Project Waterfall has raised over £1.5 million and changed more than 70,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Fuana & Flora International

Established over a century ago, Fauna & Flora International is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation. They have been quietly shaping and influencing conservation practice since their foundation in 1903. Their focus is on protecting biodiversity (the diversity of life on Earth), which underpins healthy ecosystems and is critical for the life-support systems that humans and all other species rely on.

One Tree Planted

Since their establishment, they have been dedicated to making it easier for both individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts. With your support, they aid in environmental conservation and restoration across the globe! With every one dollar donated they plant one tree! 

Rewilding Britain

Today nature in Britain is in serious trouble. More than half of our species are in decline and 15% is threatened with extinction. We’ve already hunted all of our top predators to extinction. Native woodlands cover a mere 2.5% of our land. Life has been torn from our seas to meet unsustainable demand. Rewilding is an attempt to reconnect and reset, to reverse species extinction and to help nature flourish on a large scale. It is a chance to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Our lives depend on behaving differently and embracing nature. We must think big and act wild.

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