The Academy

Our passion for coffee began in the early 1980s. Back then, we built mobile catering units, including one of the UK’s first mobile coffee units, on the back of a vintage Piagio Ape.

As the UK began to fall in love with quality coffee, we began to wonder. People obviously enjoyed a great cup of coffee when they were out and about; so why not give them the opportunity to enjoy top quality coffee at home.

The Roastery. Wellingborough, Northants.

Barista Training

Serving coffee correctly for your business is essential.
Becoming a wholesale partner with The Roastery entitles your business to barista coffee training. We have a dedicated training room with World Barista Championship grade espresso equipment.

For offices, visiting the Academy it’s a great day out for your staff. Have fun learning about coffee, barista basics and enjoy the most out of your office coffee setup.

For cafés, restaurants and bars it really helps to train your staff away from your premises. With no distractions you can quickly bring all staff up to basic, barista or even SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standard.

Our passion. Sourcing and supplying fresh, small batch coffee roasted by us in our own roastery to coffee shops, retail customers and the public.

Speciality coffee sourced globally.

We source the best quality Arabica coffee beans from around the world making sure our suppliers get the best deal.

Roasted locally.

We then roast all our espresso blends and single origins in small batches in our very own Roastery in Northamptonshire. All our blends and single origin beans are quality checked and packed in-house.

Supplying the best coffee.

Fresh coffee is best, so we only send you what you need, when you need it. We also stock a range of machines for commercial and domestic use and because we are proud of our award winning coffee, we offer training and advice to our partners who want to build their business based on the quality of the coffee they serve.

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