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A big well done to all the Shirefit Coffee Sack Challenge participants.

The Roastery and ShireFit

Thank you all ShireFit participants in attempting the coffee sack challenge.
We thought it would be a great idea to roast all the coffee that was in the sacks provided for the challenge as a thank you. We have also put together some marvellous brew methods below to go along with your #coffeesackchallenge coffee.

“Well done to everyone who participated!”

MarcelThe Roastery

Why not try your coffee
as filter brew method?

The way it’s meant to be. Filtered coffee is simply to make and the cheapest way to brew. Here is all you need to make great filter coffee.

Why not try your coffee
with an AeroPress?

The original Aerobie Frisbee took the coffee world by storm in 2005 with its latest invention. The AeroPress is a unique brew method that’s again cheap to try out at home.

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