Technivorm KBGT Clubline 10 Thermo Black


Technivorm KBGT Clubline 10 Thermo Black

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Technvorm Clubline 10 Thermo. Like the Clubline but without the hot place, has a thermos jug instead of glass jug.
Polished Silver solid aluminium body
Stainless steel 10-cup thermos flask to keep coffee at an optimal temperature
Hand made in the Netherlands
Manual drip-stop feature allows serving whilst brewing.
9-hole chrome-plated copper spray arm for even wetting of grounds
The 1.25 ltr. jug must be correctly positioned for brewing to start, indicated by a separate lamp, and is a useful safety feature
Heavy-duty copper element with dual safety guard
Clear BPA-free water reservoir with easy-read cup markings and visible scale indicator
Filter holder with manual drip-stop
Brew-time 5-6 minutes
Quiet operation
Illuminated on/off switch
Descale indicator light
Brew-stop if jug not correctly positioned
Simple to clean with removable spray arm and filter holder
Meets ECBC/SCAE/SCAA stringent requirements
Uses Size 4 (1×4) filter papers