Seasonal Espresso Blend – Spring


Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant / Apricot / Brown Sugar / Chocolate

Origins: Colombia Pachamama (washed) / Honduras Liquidambar (washed) / Ethiopia Gorbitu (washed)

Best Results: Espresso



Colombia Pachamama (washed) makes up 50% of the blend, with beautiful sweet blackcurrant at the forefront. Honduras Liquidambar (washed) and Ethiopia Gorbitu (washed) make up the rest with chocolate, brown sugar, apricot and raspberry adding depth and balance.

As the mornings get lighter and the weather gets better, this is exactly the king of espresso you want to be enjoying either with milk or ice cold.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bag Size

250g, 1kg

Grind Level

Aeropress, Cafetiere, Stove Top, Whole Bean, Filter, Espresso