Monin Sugar free Gingerbread 1ltr – Plastic bottle



Monin Sugar free Gingerbread 1L

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Colour: Bright gold with amber glints.

Taste: Complex nose of spices with strong notes of cinnamon; gingerbread cookies taste.

With its strong taste, Monin Gingerbread can easily dominate any of your drinks, so be aware that a little goes a long way.

In North America, the word gingerbread is often associated with gingerbread cookies, the gingerbread house and, of course, the gingerbread man! All of these gingerbread items are associated with a feeling of warmth and cosiness during the winter holidays. Recreate that cosy feeling of warmth around the fireplace when flavouring your beverages with Monin Gingerbread! Monin Gingerbread presents a perfectly balanced blend of ginger and cinnamon for a true Gingerbread taste. Beyond the winter season, Monin Gingerbread can also be enjoyed year-round in milkshakes or iced and frozen coffees.

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