Monin Chocolate Cookie Syrup 1ltr – Plastic bottle



Monin Chocolate Cookie Syrup 1ltr – Plastic bottle

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While its origin might be the accidental drop of chocolate chunks that never melted in a plain cookie dough, the worldwide success of chocolate cookie is not due to chance. This delicious biscuit, created in the 1930’s in the United States, has gained a reputation of being a profit earner for cafés and coffee shops, and can be found nowadays everywhere. MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup has the perfect biscuit taste that will add a gourmet touch to your drinks. It is the ultimate flavour to realise the most mouth-watering dessert drinks and extend you drink offer to the world of delicacies.

Brown with caramel glints.

Tasting notes

Nose: Cookie with a touch of caramelised sugar

Attack: Buttery chocolate biscuit

Length in Mouth: Creamy chocolate notes