Eureka Mignon Filtro grinder, 15BL – Matt Black



<p>Eureka have introduced the NEW Mignon Filtro for 2019. The Bella Barista team are extremely pleased with this decision and helped with prototype versions. The burrs are less aggressive than espresso burrs found in the rest of the Mignon range. <strong>This grinder is essentially designed for brew filter coffee.</strong> We have found the consistency for drip / pour over to be very good. Less fines. Before the Mignon Filtro and <a title=”Wilfa Coffee Grinder” href=””>Wilfa grinder</a> for brew we often used a <a title=”Kruve Sifter” href=””>Kruve Sifter</a>. <strong>A great addition to the range and a staff pick for a decent filter coffee grinder at home or for light commercial use.</strong></p>

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The Eureka Mignon for many years has proven to be stylish, compact, consistent, easy to use, easy to maintain and produces a very good quality espresso grind.<br/>
2019 they incorporated these features specifically for pour over and filter coffee and produced the <b>Eureka Mignon “Filtro”.</b> <br/>
This is simple grinder, that’s very small and built to a commercial grade.
Brew specific design flat burrs, made from hardened steel.
Ideal for a great quality home filter grinder or for light commercial use.
<b>Productivity: 1.7 – 2.3 grams per second – Brew Level</b><br/>
<b>Weight: 5.6 kg</b><br/>