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We are excited to inform you that have we decided to go fully organic and sustainable with our coffee at The Roastery.

We have become an organic roaster and importer to cut out part of the traditional supply chain. Knowing where your coffee originates from and dealing directly with farmers also has great advantages. Dealing direct compensates towards this additional cost. As a result, we can offer micro-lot organic Arabica coffee that is cheaper than most non-organic online competitors.

The new website now offers 1kg bags. This works out at a saving and better value than 250 gram subscriptions at the old prices. The new website also separates the shipping cost. Ordering two 250 gram bags on subscription saves 50 pence towards the shipping compared to one 250 gram bag. So there are savings to be made.

Price rises are never welcome, but we hope this modest rise feels fair. By contributing a little more, you’ll be continuing to support biodynamic, organic farming, growers, sustainability and the environment.

*Prices will take effect on 17th April 2020

*Main Header Picture The Diaz family – A 7 hectare microlot farm. One of the small families were supporting through direct trade. They receive much more for their coffee to allow them to improve sustainable processing methods.

*Feature Image – Marcel from The Roastery with Henrique Sloper at the Biodynamic Camocim Estate in Brazil. 

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