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Here at The Roastery our team just love coffee, so if you can’t find what your looking for in our FAQ’s, please just get in touch!

When will I receive my coffee?

The coffee subscriptions are Billed and roasted on Tuesday. Samples are then taste tested to SCA Gold Cup standard guidelines the following morning. Dispatch will then be on most occasions Wednesday with Royal Mail First Class. Hopefully you will then receive your coffee before the weekend.

If you have placed a one off order rather than a subscription your coffee will be shipped with which ever courier and shipping you choose.

Update! Due to the Corona Virus were experiencing coffee being delivered late. I’m sure you can understand the strain on Royal Mail at the moment and please be patient. We’re also working with very limited staff to roast and ship orders during this difficult time.

How long does my subscription last?

As long as you want you. It’s a pay as you go service. We don’t want to lock you in to a subscription service like others we have used. You can change stop or delay any time you want. You don’t have to contact us you can manage everything in your account. You can control all of these actions yourself:-

Change the delivery frequency, weekly, fortnightly etc.
Change your coffee.
Change the grind of your coffee, filter, espresso or cafetiere
Change your delivery address
Cancel your subscription or account completely

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

No. Simply use debit or credit card. You’re not signing up to a direct debit. It’s a pay as you go service. The subscription is designed to hopefully avoid the hassle of you having to enter your details every week to make one off purchases of coffee.

What happens when a coffee runs out of stock?

Coffees like wine change with every season and harvest. We only buy organic single origin Arabica coffee from sustainable sources and often this means small limited stock. When this happens we will move your subscription to the replacement coffee or a coffee that has similar characteristics and taste profile.

Is The Roastery available in my country?

We only ship coffee subscriptions to the United Kingdom using Royal Mail 1st Class for 250 gram bag.

What happens if I am not in to receive the coffee?

We have special letter box friendly packaging that will fit through most standard post boxes if for any reason they are unable to deliver you will get a card from Royal Mail informing you what action to take.

What if I want to change my selection?

No problem, this can be done in your account settings, we roast Tuesday and dispatch Wednesday so please make changes to your coffee or subscription on Monday to take affect for that weeks subscription.

You can always suspend your subscription in your account and create a new subscription anytime.

How much time do I have to change my delivery frequency or coffee type?

If you want to make the change for that very same week and it is the week you would normally receive your coffee we need to know by close of business that Monday. The billing process runs 6am Tuesday morning. Once that’s processed it locks the all coffee subscriptions for that week. Any changes after this will take affect for next delivery.

Can I order just one packet of coffee without subscription?

Yes, we also have a shop section that customers can purchase coffee in 250 and 1kg bag sizes individually. You can also visit Bella Barista www.bellabarista.co.uk This is our main retail website that has lots more coffee accessories, brew equipment and shipping options and payment methods.

How fresh is the coffee?

To enjoy coffee at its best it needs to be fresh and delivered to you quickly. We always aim to roast the same week as your subscription. Sometimes during Christmas, New Year and unexpected events the coffee can be over 1 week old. This is still perfectly fine to enjoy.
You can start enjoying your coffee three days after the roast date and then within the first three weeks it’s at its best.
The first three days allows time for the coffee to develop in the bag and release excess carbon, so hopefully when the coffee pops though your letterbox it’s perfect for you to enjoy.

Can I only order whole beans?

No we also grind the coffee for you, just tell us what way you make your coffee and we will grind to suit.

*Please note selecting “espresso grind level” on the coffee subscription might not be the perfect match for all espresso machines. We always recommend selecting whole bean and grinding the beans at home once you have received the coffee. A good coffee grinder and the correct grind level for your espresso machine or brew method will always lead to best tasting results.

Is it better for be to buy coffee in bulk?

No, you should only buy what you use in 2 weeks. You may read that roasted coffee is good up to 18 weeks, we do not agree we think the maximum is 4-6 weeks but best within 2- 3 weeks. Supermarkets will sometimes put best before that could mean the coffee is over 6 months old, leading to flat stale coffee with no crema or flavour. So little and often is what we recommend.

How should I store my coffee?

The best is in the bag we supply or a Airscape coffee container, just room temperature and out of the light ….never in a fridge or freezer.

How do you select your coffee to be sold through the roastery?

We have very exacting standards for the coffee and packaging we include in our range. As well as taste and consistency, we also have ethical considerations as to how the coffee plantations support their environment and living standards. As of 2020 all our coffee is from organic and sustainable sources. We’re also an organic certified UK coffee roaster. This comes with its own strict roasting and packing standards and processes.

How do you ensure the taste remains consistent?

We cup and taste every new coffee before its included into the range. We then sample each batch and have frequent cupping taste tests. As an SCA certified training centre we have staff that are AST Trained. We check batches of our coffee every week to make sure it falls within the SCA Gold Cup standard for filter and espresso using digital refractometers.

The coffee itself is sampled roasted by our head roaster. The roast profile is individual to every coffee. This unique coffee recipe is then used as the template going forward. Using coffee roasting software called Cropster we can make sure the coffee is roasted to this same profile every time, making sure we have a good rate of rise and avoid “flicks and crashes”. Sometimes ambient temperatures can affect the roast. This is why we have a head and production roaster monitoring every batch of coffee to ensure our roast quality is consistent every time.

How do we send the coffee?

We use Royal Mail First class. We can  not provide a tracking number but Royal mail get 90% of First Class mail delivered the next day.

Is it possible to get a subscription that includes a different coffee?

We do have a Single Origin Mix Subscription. This allows you to try a different coffee each and every time. If you signed up to the Single Origin Mix and for example weekly. Every week you will get to try a different coffee. Please note the prices do vary from one coffee to another an you will be billed accordingly.

There’s no espresso blend subscription mix as such. A lot of customers have two subscriptions. 1 Gaslight Espresso Blend set to fortnightly and 1 x Milk Buster Espresso Blend set to fortnightly again but staggered by one week. This means they receive a bag of coffee every week that alternates.

Our office keeps running out of coffee!

Please don’t worry! We can now send out 1kg bags every week, fortnightly or monthly on subscription. We also offer office trade accounts if you order over 50 kilos a year. Please enquire if you would like this service as we also include coffee equipment rental and maintenance for offices as well.

When is the best time to change or update my coffee subscription?

You can of course change your coffee subscription anytime. If you fancy something different or want to add an extra bag for example.

The best time to change your coffee subscription.

We recommend changing or updating your coffee subscription, the weekend before your about to receive coffee, as we process all coffee subscription orders early Tuesday morning.

Any changes made after we have processed the orders (Tuesday Morning) will not take effect until your next delivery date.

Coffee Subscriptions over the festive period

The Roastery coffee subscriptions should continue as planned through the festive period. *Weather permitting.

Between Christmas and New Year your coffee subscription could be roasted and posted on different days to normal.

We recommend stocking up and changing your subscription before Tuesday a few weeks before the Christmas period, just in case you have plenty for family and friends visiting.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my coffee subscription account?

Please login and go to My Subscription.

With every coffee subscription you should be able to see the Start Date, Last Order Date and the Next Payment Date. Along with the ability to “Pause”, “Cancel”, “Change Address” and “Change Payment”.

You can also Pause and reactivate the subscription whenever you want to.

As of April 2020 to change the coffee subscription to a different coffee you now have to cancel the subscription and start a new one. Just remember to do this before Tuesday to take affect the very same week.

How secure is the admin area?

We use Stripe payments for The Roastery website. We do not physically store your card details. The website is constantly updated to keep your details secure.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to My Subscription and pressing “Cancel”. Alternatively you can always email us at contact@theroastery.co.uk or phone 01933 273275 and we can do this manually for you.