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Expert answers from our Roaster Steve and Connoisseur Claudette

  • Q.When will I receive my coffee? View

    Our Answer

    The coffee subscriptions are roasted on Tuesday. Samples are then taste tested the following morning. Despatch will then be on most occassions Wednesday with Royal Mail First Class. Hopefully you will then receive your coffee before the weekend. 

  • Q.How long does my subscription last? View

    Our Answer

    As long as you want you can change stop or delay any time you want. You don’t have to contact us you can manage everything in your account. You can control all of these actions yourself:-

    Change your delivery date
    Change your coffee type
    Change the grind of your coffee, filter, espresso or cafetiere
    Change your delivery address
    Cancel your account completely

  • Q.What happens if I am not in to receive the coffee? View

    Our Answer

    We have special letter box friendly packaging that will fit through most standard post boxes if for any reason they are unable to deliver you will get a card informing you what action to take.

  • Q.What if I want to change my selection? View

    Our Answer

    No problem, this can be done in your account settings, we roast Tuesday and dispatch Wednesday so we would need to know Monday to change that weeks subscription.
    You can always suspend your subscription in your account and create a new subscription.

  • Q.How much time do I have to change my delivery frequency or coffee type? View

    Our Answer

    If it is in the week you would normally receive your coffee we need to know by close of business that Monday.

  • Q.Can I order just one packet of coffee without subscription? View

    Our Answer

    Yes, we originally had a shop section that customers could purchase items individually. However we decided to remove this section and recommend customers visit Bella Barista www.bellabarista.co.uk This is our main coffee retail website that has lots more shipping options and payment methods. You can purchase one off bags of coffee at Bella Barista along with all coffee related items.

  • Q.How fresh is the coffee? View

    Our Answer

    To enjoy coffee at its best it needs to be fresh and delivered to you quickly. We recommend enjoying your coffee three days after the roast date and then within the first three weeks.
    The first three days allows time for the coffee to develop in the bag and release excess carbon, so hopefully when the coffee pops though your letterbox it's perfect for you to enjoy.


  • Q.Can I only order whole beans? View

    Our Answer

    No we will grind the coffee for you just tell us what way you make your coffee and we will grind to suit.

  • Q.Is it better for be to buy coffee in bulk? View

    Our Answer

    No, you should only buy what you use in 2 weeks. You may read that roasted coffee is good up to 18 weeks, we do not agree we think the maximum is 4-6 weeks but best within 2- 3 weeks. Supermarkets will sometimes put best before that could mean the coffee is over 6 months old, leading to flat stale coffee with no creama or flavour. So little and often is what we recommend.

  • Q.How should I store my coffee? View

    Our Answer

    The best is in the bag we supply or a tight vac, just room temperature and out of the light ….never in a fridge

  • Q.How do you select your coffee to be sold through the roastery? View

    Our Answer

    We have been supplying coffee for over 20 years and roasting for 2. We have very exacting standards for the coffee we include in our range. As well as taste and consistency, we also have ethical considerations as to how the coffee plantations support their environment and living standards.

  • Q.How do you ensure the taste remains consistant? View

    Our Answer

    We cup and taste every new coffee before including in our range. We then sample each batch and have frequent cupping taste tests.

  • Q.How do we send the coffee? View

    Our Answer

    We use Royal Mail First class. We can  not provide a tracking number but Royal mail get 90% of First Class mail delivered the next day.


  • Q.Is it possible to get a subscription that includes a different espresso blend fortnightly? View

    Our Answer

    There’s no blend mix subscription as such. A lot of customers have two subscriptions. 1 Gaslight set to fortnightly and 1 x Milk Buster set to fortnightly again but staggered by one week. You can choose the date when you first receive your subscription, by logging into your account.

    You could set these to one bag a month and stagger two subscriptions. If you want a different blend every fortnight.





  • Q.Our office keeps running out of coffee! View

    Our Answer

    We offer a trade version of the coffee subscription process. We can send out 1kg bags every week, fortnightly or monthly. Please enquire if you would like this service. We include shipping into the price with DPD next working day delivery.

  • Q.When is the best time to change or update my coffee subscription? View

    Our Answer

    You can of course  change your coffee subscription anytime. If you fancy something different or want to add an extra bag for example.

    The best time to change your coffee subscription.

    We recommend changing or updating your coffee subscription, the weekend before your about to receive coffee, as we process all coffee subscription orders early Tuesday morning.

    Any changes made after we have processed the orders (Tuesday Morning) will not take effect until your next delivery date.

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