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We teamed up with Nene Valley Brewery, to produce coffee infused American pale ale. A like minded local business who are into their ales as much as were into coffee. A match made in heaven.

I don't see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind.

MarkoThe Roastery

After trying lots of different coffee related alcoholic beverages on the market (In the name of research) we all agreed the coffee used was normally to bitter and overpowering. This is often due to the coffee ground added directly to the ale, or steeped for a certain period of time.

We wanted something different and experimented with lots of different roast levels, single origin coffees and hops. The juicy acidic tones of Ethiopian Giddy  We all agreed to experiment with different roast levels and only infuse, rather than saturate the coffee into the ale.

The experiments resulted in “Hoppy West Coast Pale Ale” infused with Ethiopian Gidey Coffee from our friends over at The Roastery. Intense coffee aroma balanced with fresh, fruity hops, leading to a blend of dark berry from the Ethiopian coffee and a citrus, piney hit from the Simcoe, Citra and Chinook.

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