Coffee Break Time

Coffee Break Time

Hi, I’m David and I want to show you how many ways there are to enjoy coffee.

Today I’m concentrating on the filter coffee machine.

If you think you don’t like black coffee, if you think you must make an americano using a harsh espresso shot or if you like to savour your coffee rather than just drinking it, then listen up! Oh, and you want a higher caffeine content in your coffee? Then definitely listen up!!

Using the filter brewing method to make coffee gives the grounds a longer extraction time to release those lovely oils.

Ok, where to start? Well, you start where every great coffee starts…..with good quality, freshly roasted beans. My current favourite is Ethiopian Guji. Grown in Sidamo Province at an altitude of 1800 metres, it produces beautiful results, perfectly balanced between citrusy fruitiness and sugary sweetness.

Next thing that’s required is a good grinder. If you have your own, that’s ideal as beans will start degrading as soon as you grind them. The Roastery dispatch ground beans to our subscribers via a special resealable bag which slows the aging process to a minimum.

Right so you have your beans, now you need your filter machine. My choice is the Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT which is handmade in Holland. Not only is it a beautiful form, it’s got a brilliant function….it makes a very good brew with minimal fuss.

The general rule for making filter coffee is 60g of a coarse grind to 1 litre of water. Just fill up the water reservoir on the Moccamaster and put your grinds in the paper filter. I like to wet my filter with hot water beforehand to prepare it. All you need then do is put the filter into place and switch the machine on. A feature of this machine is that it switches itself off so you can walk away and come back in 5 minutes to the glorious smell of fresh brewed coffee…..nothing beats it!

 What’s more, if you have the thermo version, you can drink it up to five hours later. It will still be warm and will still taste wonderful. Perfect for taking to work on a busy weekday, accompanying a long, lazy Sunday morning or the ideal way to welcome friends into your home.

And as for the taste, it will be smooth, it will be rich and it will be very quaffable.