Let’s talk about the rabbit hole that is packaging…

Take it from us, getting the ‘perfect’ packaging is a mission, filled with so many different pieces of information, and after almost 3 years of researching we are still not there yet, but lets talk you through where we have got to, what to do with your packaging once you’ve used all of your amazing coffee and where we are hoping to head in the future…

So lets start with where we have got to and how we’ve got there, those of you that have been with us through the years will know some of the packaging highs and lows we’ve been through, from not having a clue, to learning more and more each year, it has always been important but now its even more important, unfortunately our beautiful planet is in crisis and its our job to do as much as we can. We care so much about how our packaging looks , but we care more about the planet we live on.

what we’ve learnt

On this long road we’ve been on we have learnt a lot when it comes to packaging and to be honest some of it has been quite disappointing. When it comes to us in the UK, believe it or not we don’t have many options given to us by our government, after our own research we learnt that only around 12% of us in the UK are given food waste by the government and only 4% of us have home compost.

After trying compostable bags around 3 years ago, they just weren’t ready yet, I didn’t keep our wonderful coffee fresh and the bags weren’t strong enough. We then switch back to recyclable bags, it then came to our attention that our bags were actually not recyclable in a lot of counties, because of this we then found out that a recyclable level 1-3 (the levels that most counties will accept) coffee bag simply doesn’t exist. As you can imagine this really bothered us, we then knew that a large amount of our bags were ending up in landfill due to the facilities and products not being available.

We felt a bit lost for ideas on what to do, We then switch to C02 Neutral bags, these are our most recent bags, as much as we would love to, we couldn’t and still can’t control what happens to our bags once they’ve left our building, we couldn’t source a good compostable bag and we couldn’t source a recyclable bag that could actually be recycled in everybody’s counties across the uk, however we could control what happens to them before they get here and that meant being C02 neutral, we then knew that whatever happens to the bags once they’ve left us we were doing the best we could do when it comes to the making of the bags.

Where we are at now

That brings us to the present, although having Co2 neutral bags is still a massive step forward, it just wasn’t quite enough for us. With the uncertainty over recyclable material, and wanting to divorce completely from single use plastics, we have sourced and have ordered 100% compostable packaging, There have been great improvements recently in the material’s strength and adaptability to fit a one-way valve which is amazing progress and seems like the right thing to do. However due to Royal Mail changing their measuring equipment, our current bags no long fit in the acquired measurements.

We have had to act fast and dive in head first which meant switching straight to compostable bags, The bags we have at the moment are only temporary, with these bags you will have to remove the one way valve and the label and then the rest of the package can be composted including the outer mailer.

The new bags that are on order are completely 100% compostable including the valve and label, so there will be no faffing about with taking bits apart. As we stated earlier only 4% of us have a home compost, and we completely understand this, which is why in the meantime if you would like us to dispose of your packaging correctly please feel free to send it back it to us and we will sort it for you, if you have any concerns, comments or questions about our packaging please do contact us at scarlet@theroastery.co.uk

Here’s our step by step guide to disposing of our packaging 

Step one

First things first, and the most important point of them all. Sit down, relax and enjoy your coffee!

Step Two

Once you have enjoyed that lovely cup of coffee, make sure you keep all off your used coffee grounds aside, try to avoid throwing them into your general waste bin. These will work brilliant in your compost and will help speed up the process!

Step Three

When you have your empty bag, remove the one way valve. This is the little circle plastic part  at the top centre of the bag. This isn’t compostbale and will need to go into your general waste bin.

Step Four

You will also need to remove the label form your bag, this isn’t compostable and will need to go into your general waste bin.

Step Five

Now you have the perfect 100% compostable bag, place this and the outer mailer along with your used coffee grounds into the compost and let the magic happen!

Step Six

If you don’t have the facilities to compost and would like to compost your packaging feel free to send it back to us, or you have any questions or comments regarding our new packaging, contact us, we are here to help!

where we’re heading

Moving forwards, into the new year we will be receiving a commercial composter, there is no other way but to take control of this packaging disaster ourselves and we’re all for it! We will  be composting the bags and coffee ourselves, spent coffee is actually amazing for compost and will help the process speed up! by doing this we would then create a true “ground to ground” eco-cycle. This will be a big financial commitment but is dwarfed by our greater commitment for our product to produce zero waste. Once we’ve formulated the logistics, we will be able to offer customers without home composting capabilities the option to return the bags and used coffee grinds to us for composting. Our aim is to have this system functioning by Spring 2022.

we will keep striving to do as much as we can to help our planet, another step we have taken to help, is becoming 1% for the planet members! To read more about who you’re supporting when buying from us, have a look here.

As always you wonderful bunch, thank you for your continued support and for sticking with us through our highs and lows with packaging, we hope this time we have got it sussed!