Sourcing organic specialty coffee

Our passion is more than just amazing tasting coffee…

What we are all about...

  • 100% certified organic & biodynamic with Demeter
  • Sourcing coffee through direct trade
  • Building longterm relationships with producers and customers
  • Reducing our impact on the environment
  • Supporting good causes

Lets start from the very beginning 

The Hilux

It all started in 1983 when we started our first business called Towability.

Towability convert and build bespoke catering trailers. Many of these are kitted out with commercial espresso machines, which gave us an idea for another opportunity.

Bella Barista was founded in 1998 with the growing demand for high quality domestic espresso machines. Bella Barista achieved success offering customers across the UK cafe quality coffee equipment for the home. Customers would visit the showroom and enjoy the buying experience learning about the machines and receive barista training. as time went on we realised we were sending people away with these coffee machines but no coffee!

After buying coffee from other roasters for a while, we decided to have a go ourselves and in 2014  The Roastery was born. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength, supplying many local coffee shops, and restaurants with our freshly roasted coffee as well as individuals all over the UK with our coffee subscription service and online shop.

In 2019 Marcel (our MD) went out to visit coffee farms in Brazil and saw first hand the amount of chemicals they put on coffee and the impact the fertiliser industry was having on the local community. He decided to make a change and make it fast. From then on we have made it our mission to be solely organic. In 2019 we certified organic through the Organic Food Federation, and in 2021 we decided to certify with Demeter who also cover Biodynamic coffee. We even go an extra step further and send samples from our green coffee to a lab to be tested for toxins.

1% for the planet

After spending a lot of time perfecting our coffee we knew we could do more!

Putting everything aside the most important thing in this world we live in is our planet, without our planet there is nothing. We are all becoming more aware of the affects we as humans have caused our planet and it is hard to accept but it’s real and it’s happening so we need to make a change.

So we decided to become members of 1% for the planet, we now donate 1% of our revenue regardless of wether we make a profit or not to the planet, when you buy from us you are helping and right now everything little counts! We are sure this is just the start for The Roastery, along side this we are also in the process of changing all of our packaging to ensure it is the best we can use for the planet as we all the best for keeping our coffee fresh.

We are on a mission to spread the word and have fun while doing it. We cant wait to continue growing with you lovely bunch by our side.


Biodynamic agriculture has been around for a long time. Introduced by Rudolph Steiner in 1924, the guiding principles for this way of producing are:
Ecological - holistically stewarding the earth and its resources
Human Development - enabling people to realise their full potential
Economic Value Creation - producing high quality agricultural products that are good for the body and the soul
Social Relationship - fostering people to live and work together in dignity, mutual respect and tolerance
Cosmic and Spiritual Impact - Being conscious of both the material and spiritual world and empowering mankind

The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International are the certifying organisation that enable this form of agriculture to be taught and practiced around the world.

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