Our passion for coffee began in the early 1980s. Back then, we built mobile catering units, including one of the UK’s first mobile coffee units, on the back of a vintage Piagio Ape.

As the UK began to fall in love with quality coffee, we began to wonder. People obviously enjoyed a great cup of coffee when they were out and about; so why not give them the opportunity to enjoy top quality coffee at home.

As a result, in 1998, Bella Barista was born, allowing folks to enjoy the same great coffee in their own home. Just like today, we specialised in high end domestic machines as we set out to create the ulitmate coffee shopping experience for our customers.

We were hooked and we consider ourselves coffee nerds to this day.

Jump forward a decade and a half and after many years of using other peoples coffee in our machines, we decided it was time to provide our customers with the quality of roasted coffee that their amazing machines deserved.

The Roastery was born and we began roasting our own beans. We think our coffee is the best you can buy, and as you can see, the award judges agree with our opinion!


We haven’t given our roaster a cute name. Its not a lovingly restored, vintage roaster sourced from the back streets of Berlin. That’s just not our style. It’s not the way we like to do things. We love technology, and like to push things forwards. That’s why we chose the Coffee Tech Ghibli to be the centerpiece of our Roastery.

This technology, along with the skill and craftmanship of our roasters is how we can maximise the flavour in our beans and honour the hard work of our coffee suppliers and growers.

From micro lots to small farm co-operatives we select and sample single origin coffees from around the world, throughout the year, sometimes traveling to the farms ourselves.

Traceability, cupping score and certification are key to us choosing the varieties you can see on the website. Research is also done into the crop, season and harvest. Even consideration into the length of time and how the beans are stored combine with our approach in the selection process.

After carefully sampling, we then roast batches to determine the optimum roast level for that specific variety. Characteristics inherent with the beans unique location are hopefully maximised during the roast process and profile.

The Roastery blends are again carefully chosen from these single origin varieties. We aim for a balance of rich smooth body and fruity, floral varietals.

Once roasted, this whole process would be wasted if you cannot enjoy the coffee straight away, as there is a finite window (3-4 weeks) when coffee is best consumed from the roast date. We have created letterbox friendly packaging to ensure the quickest method for you to receive our coffee.

The coffee subscription is the perfect way to enjoy fresh coffee. Little and often guarantees full flavour and crema, especially when ground as and when you need it.

only the best

We want you to be able to enjoy some of the worlds best coffee at home, thats why we take what we do so seriously. Every week, usually a Thursday, we gather as a team and sample coffees from all over the world. Only the very best make the grade.